CitiBank Commercial (2011)

For this 30-second spot, we were hired by production house Anonymous Content to shoot the climbing and wall footage and hire the rigging and safety crew. We also helped second unit direct the action footage. The ad has played widely on national TV.



Clif Bar Shot Ad Campaign (2011)

Clif's shot brand products are designed to be used by athletes who need a fast, efficient source of energy while they are on the go. For the second year running, we are directing the Clif Shot Brand video campaign, which includes behind the scenes shoots with ultra-marathon runner Geoff Roes, the world-renowned Garmin bike racing team (sponsored by Clif) and tri-athlete guru Chris "Macca" McCormack who is the 2-time winner of the Kona Ironman.


Clif Bar Inc.

More Commercials:

Mountain Hardwear Brand Campaign (2011)

For 2011 we’ve partnered with Mountain Hardwear on an exciting brand initiative that includes web videos, blogs and a potential feature film. Based around the Mountain Hardwear 2012 line of precision alpine gear designed by renowned climber Ueli Steck, we are telling the story of this new Hardwear line from the field. From filming Ueli on his latest climbing and product-testing mission in the Himalaya, to getting in with the Hardwear designers who are making the gear, we are telling this unique story of innovation from beginning to end. Check back for videos coming out this year.

Hardwear utilizes these videos in a broad, multidimensional campaign. The 3 Field Reports of Ueli's climbs have garnered hundreds of thousands of views on-line. The brand videos are used at sales meetings, in tradeshow booths, in Hardwear retail outlets and on their web site to showcase their products and brand mission.


Mountain Hardwear

Rainforest Alliance Mission Campaign (2011)

We partnered with Travis Rummel and Ben Knight of Felt Soul Media to produce this 3-minute spot for the Rainforest Alliance. The spot was funded by a grant from Fuji film. The piece – which included shoots in Guatemala, Kenya and New York City --  will air on the web, and be used as a fund-raising tool for the Rainforest Alliance.


Rainforest Alliance


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Clif Athlete Profiles (2011)

Clif Bar sponsors some of the greatest athletes in the world, from bold adventurers and explorers to lycra-clad competitors. This year, we have partnered with Clif to tell these athletes’ stories, sharing their passion and insight through comprehensive interviews and spectacular footage. This series of web clips will be released throughout the year, featuring big-wave surfer Zach Wormhoudt, long-distance runner Scott Jurek, climber and BASE-jumper Steph Davis, ski mountaineer Greg Hill, polar explorer Eric Larsen, community activist Tony Renaldo, free-ride mountain bike champion Jeff Lenosky and alpinist Freddie Wilkinson. Check back for more of these videos coming out this year.


Clif Bar Inc.

Clif Bar Shot Ad Campaign (2010)

Clif's shot brand products are designed to be used by athletes who need a fast, efficient source of energy while they are on the go.

The first batch of spots were shot before and during the Tour of California with the Clif-sponsored Garmin-Transitions Team, and aired on VeloNews and other sites during the Tour De France. They live on Clif's web site. Our favorite piece MAKING THE CURVE focuses on the intensity and danger of top-level riding.

The Second batch of spots were shot with charismatic Clif Athlete Chris "Macca" McCormack training for the Hawaii Ironman. The pieces aired during Ironman, which Macca went on to win. Our favorite from this batch THE ROAD TO KONA tells the story of macca's lifelong journey to win Ironman.


Clif Bar Inc.

Goal Zero Commercial (2010)

This short 3-minute piece edited by Josh Lowell of Big Up Productions shows how we use Goal Zero product in the field. Goal Zero uses this as the auto-play on their home page, and they show it to buyers to encourage them to carry their products.


Goal Zero

Windstopper 30-Second Ad (2007)

This was one of the first ads we created, based off footage that we shot for the REEL ROCK film tour. Windstopper is the co-title sponsor of the REEL ROCK Tour, and this ad, which was an outgrowth of that relationship, has been played at the beginning of the tour and on our DVDs.


WL Gore 2007

Patagonia Recycled Underwear Promo (2006)

Patagonia teamed up with Teijin of Japan for an ambitious underwear recycling program. With Patagonia ambassador Timmy O'Neill at the the helm we pitched an off-beat musical about underwear recycling, and ended up with this humorous short film that has become a cult hit on youtube.